I found my way back

Mother nature's beauty provided to us by our Heavenly Father.

As I have previously mentioned I grew up going to church. My life was good back then. Yes, it had it’s usual up and downs which were usually me not getting my own way or having little spats with my friends. I was happy, though, and I use to have a spark in me like my youngest daughter does now. Then things happened, I won’t get into much detail but my grammy passed away and my parents split around the time I was 12. We unfortunately stopped going to church. We are suppose to keep our eyes and heart on Christ our Savior in times like these to get us through the hardship. He is where we will find comfort looking back I wish we would have kept going and have always secretly longed to go back. My life drastically changed shortly after that and no I do not blame my parents I blame the devil. He has done a number in my life and tried his hardest to get me to not live the way God wanted me to and I tell ya he almost got his way. I strongly believe God did not leave me while I strayed away…like any parent he let me make my own choices and mistakes while keeping me out of danger. I have been in a few situations that could have turned ugly real quick but they never did. I always used to wonder how I was so lucky.

10 thoughts on “I found my way back

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